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Vorsen is an experienced guide behind the scenes in an increasingly complex educational landscape. We guide a change in the way in which the IT aspect of education is handled. That requires talent and ambition. Do you want to join us?

The Vorsen Benefits: Venefits

Check, in addition to a challenging working environment and smart colleagues, we also tick a number of boxes when it comes to perks to work for Vorsen:

5 reasons to work at Vorsen

There are secretly 42, but this is the summary:

Higher Education to the next level

Vorsen is on a mission to take Higher Education to the next level. Not by standing in the lecture hall yourself (there are really good institutions in Europe for that), but by ensuring that the person in the lecture hall does so within the context of a well-organized study programme. And so he can make a difference. We are looking for people who recognize themselves in that ambition.

Smart colleagues

That’s great: there are always colleagues from whom you can learn something. And we don’t just mean the substantive side of the profession or experience. For example, colleagues who have more than 15 years of experience enjoy colleagues who have just come out of school and who look at existing situations very blankly (but very sharply). There is always room to experiment: in this way we learn from and with each other.

Growth squared

No day is the same. In fact, because of the things we do today, we know for sure that tomorrow will be different. That gives energy, and we use that energy to go further as an EdTech company than we ever thought of ourselves. The great thing about growth is that you are also at the forefront of organizing your own work around your own life (and not the other way around).

Freedom & autonomy

As Vorsen, we believe that there is only one way to always do the right thing for our customers: to give our employees freedom and autonomy to make the right choices themselves. We do this by always providing the necessary context, and within that context you are the one in charge.

Informal & welcoming

We are formal when we have to be, but informal when we can be. We are proud of that. Because it contributes to a pleasant working environment. Because you should be able to be yourself. And because it’s just plain fun. So in addition to work, the Vorsen Friends do a lot of fun things: barbecuing, hiking, karaoke and sometimes even fire-breathing (no but really!).

Eric Meijer fire breathing

Our vacancies

Product Expert

You know everything about AscMe. But really everything.

Junior Chief of Staff

The internal Vorsen machine is growing. And needs love and attention. You grow with it.

Vorsen Traineeship

Learning by doing. Squared.

Internship Market Research

Help us conquer the world.

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Annick Wagemans

Annick Wagemans

Product Executive

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