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Within a VU-wide program, the task was twofold: enhance the quality of service while significantly reducing costs.

About Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The VU is a socially committed research university, located in Amsterdam, in the heart of the international business centre the Zuidas.


We initiated process-oriented improvements throughout the organization. It was crucial to actively engage those responsible for data, from admin personnel to educators, granting them the authority to capture and approve data. In collaboration with the client, we co-created the perfect application for supporting administrative processes,

Furthermore, we extended these processes to encompass a complete range of educational logistics, ensuring data accessibility for all stakeholders.


Overall, we improved the quality by offering continuous insight into the process and increasing the involvement and responsibilities of the right stakeholders. This led to a more efficient allocation of resources, with a reduction in full-time equivalents (FTE) as one of the notable results.

Marcel Noordzij

Project architect

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Vorsen zet de volgende stap in het verbreden van de dienstverlening


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