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Foto Omix collega's
Foto Omix collega's

Vorsen is taking the next step in broadening the range of services.

In order to keep the focus on what we do best (innovative product development), Vorsen has partnered with Omix to further expand the implementation and training possibilities.

On April 1, 2021, the strategic partnership between Vorsen and Omix started. Omix has many years of experience with various challenges within education logistics, which ensures that the Omix consultants can make the right translation between the product and the wishes of the customer. Omix consultants are trained to handle implementation and training work for Vorsen.

The collaboration ensures that the possibilities for implementations are scaled up and that work can be picked up more quickly. This makes it possible to achieve a shorter lead time in consultation with the customer.

By entering into a strategic partnership with Omix, we can offer our Vorsen customers the right service both today and tomorrow.

Pieter Smit, VP Vorsen

In addition to the collaboration in the field of implementations, Omix and Vorsen reinforce each other as partners by exchanging knowledge. To speed up Vorsen’s product development, for example.

About Omix

  • Mission: to improve the quality of education by optimizing educational logistics.
  • Training center: Omix has its own training center for education logistics, which is unique in the Netherlands. Courses are provided within the entire breadth of educational logistics. 
  • Size: the company posts approximately 80 professionals within educational institutions. 
  • Deployment: implementation of projects, extra support in case of understaffing due to peak load or illness, hiring expertise for specific issues.
  • Project examples: implementations of new planning and scheduling packages, student information systems (SIS), or learning management systems (LMS) and change processes. 
  • Spectrum: deployment takes place on an operational, tactical and strategic level.
  • Collaboration Vorsen: Omix consultants are trained by Vorsen, this in combination with the broad knowledge of educational logistics makes Omix an important partner in implementations.

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