Recap 2022 – The curriculum in focus


Recap AscMe

Towards the end of the year, it's time for lists. And we have a very nice list: the top 4 improvements in AscMe of 2022.

1. Teacher deployment planning is live

Since AscMe contains the entire curriculum anyway, how nice is it to direct teacher deployment (and costs) from the same place? The answer: very nice.

The overview quickly gets lost, not to mention whether a designed curriculum remains teachable. A large programme, or a faculty with many (internal or external) institutes make this even more complex. That is why you can now quickly regain insight and direction in AscMe.

2. Thousands of students use the Vorsen Course Catalogue

A great milestone in 2022: after years of shaping the ‘back’ of a beautiful education catalogue by bringing together all curricula of an educational institution, since this year we also have the ‘front’ in order. An online environment where information on all subjects and programmes can be found quickly and student-friendly. And it runs like clockwork!

More information:

3. Lifelong learning is supported

Professional Education (cursory education) is becoming an increasingly important part of what a higher education institution offers. Despite the fact that it is often a separate information stream at an institution how that offer is created, it is actually “ordinary” education. And has therefore also found a logical place in AscMe.

4. Integration with RIO is prepared

A completely new, national register with the complete educational offering of all higher education institutions. Sounds nice, and it is. At the same time, it is also a challenge for institutions in higher education. In any case, our technology is ready for it, and we are the first supplier in the Netherlands to be able to publish the educational offering of a leading university in the Netherlands to RIO.

To know more, read our white paper:  (Dutch only)

Stay tuned in 2023 for the list of improvements still in the pipeline……

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