TimeEdit Acquires Vorsen to Become a Leading Academic Operations Platform

TimeEdit and Vorsen
TimeEdit and Vorsen

TimeEdit acquires the leading curriculum management company, Vorsen

Er speelt een heleboel rondom RIO (Registratie Instellingen en Onderwijs). Inclusief een aardig setje aan hoofdbrekens bij jouw instelling. Wist je dat een gedeelte van die hoofdbrekens snel en gemakkelijk opgelost kunnen worden door Vorsen?

TimeEdit, Europe’s leading provider of academic scheduling software, announced today its official acquisition of Vorsen, a front-runner in the field of Curriculum Management and Academic Evaluation. The acquisition enables TimeEdit’s customers to bridge the big data divide between curriculum, scheduling and academic evaluation. And ultimately, it allows Higher Education institutions to continuously and consciously work towards a better student experience.

Last year, European market leader TimeEdit grew by 50% globally, adding customers in new markets such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. “It doesn’t matter where you look, the field of academic scheduling is changing. It’s shifting from ’just make it work’ to one of the core pillars to enable a great student-experience”, says Johan Blomdahl, CEO of TimeEdit. “And the acquisition of Vorsen will enable us to facilitate this transition more effectively than before.”

Vorsen’s tools for Curriculum Management, Course Catalogue, and Academic Evaluation are now a part of the TimeEdit suite, significantly broadening the platform’s functionality.

“Ensuring an extraordinary student experience is more crucial now than ever,” states Johan Blomdahl. “Consider the level of customization and convenience we’re accustomed to in other aspects of our lives. Higher Education is not immune to this transition; students are requiring more flexibility and have higher expectations than before.”

As TimeEdit warmly welcomes the exceptional team members from Vorsen, the company continues its unwavering commitment to deliver an efficient, user-friendly platform that simplifies complex scheduling tasks and more closely aligns with institutions’ academic goals.

“We found a like-minded partner in Vorsen, a company that shares our commitment to user-friendliness, flexibility, and innovation,” says Johan Blomdahl.

Steven Losekoot, co-founder of Vorsen, shares the enthusiasm for this development: “Joining forces with TimeEdit opens up an exciting chapter for us at Vorsen. We’re thrilled to be part of a shared vision that places student-centric solutions at the forefront of academic scheduling.”

For more information, please contact Johan Blomdahl, johan.blomdahl@timeedit.com.

About TimeEdit‍

TimeEdit is the leading provider of academic scheduling software in Europe and Australia. The company’s focus on student-centric solutions and substantial growth underscore its commitment to aligning academic operations with the needs of students. The recent acquisition of Vorsen sets the stage for TimeEdit to redefine the future of Academic Operations.

Over Vorsen

Vorsen is a Dutch company and trailblazer in the field of Curriculum Management and Academic Evaluation. They have customers across the Netherlands and the UK. The company’s user-friendly, flexible solutions enable institutions to manage curriculum effectively and evaluate academic progress seamlessly.

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