AscMe: curriculum management made easy and efficient

AscMe features:

  • Real-time insights into the status and progress of your education
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for easy curriculum adjustments
  • Tailor-made, user-friendly design
  • Increased engagement for all stakeholders
  • Streamlined scheduling preferences collection for seamless timetable integration.
  • Clearly defined learning objectives and pathways
  • Program funding calculations
  • Curriculum simulations to visualize (cost) effects of changes
  • Comprehensive reporting options

Navigating the complexities of building educational programs can be challenging, with numerous stakeholders, frequent changes, and additional concerns like cost accounting and deployment. Our AscMe application empowers you to quickly and effortlessly create or modify your curriculum.

No more starting from scratch each year – simply carry over existing modules, design new ones, and update costs as you go. Notifications keep all stakeholders informed of changes and their required actions, ensuring everyone stays in the loop. Building, adapting, and optimizing your curriculum has never been simpler!

The AscMe Process

Our application supports you through every phase of curriculum management, from simulations and adjustments to timetable data requests and quality assurance reporting. Stay in control and maintain oversight at all times.

Curriculum manager

The education director is responsible for the curriculum, with stakeholders playing crucial roles. An integrated planning board lets everyone view the study structure, while the director assembles the curriculum and gathers feedback before validation.

Subject approval

Course coordinators not only propose changes, but also validate and approve proposals from teachers. All parties have continuous access to the process, advice, and feedback. Once everything is correct, the director of education grants final approval.

Course guide and subject information

Forget about juggling emails or retyping text. With AscMe, tutors input information directly into the central planning board, granting everyone access to proposals and changes. Upon approval, data is transferred to the Student Information System (SIS).

AscMe product images

User-friendly dashboard
Everything you need to know, conveniently in one place.
Insight into processes
See at a glance how the project is doing with our handy process tools.
Multiple levels of detail
Manage curriculum at various levels of detail and set up workflows for stakeholders.
Marcel Noordzij
Project architect

Interested in AscMe

Choose AscMe and make curriculum management a breeze!

The complete picture.

Vorsen increases the effectiveness, agility, and efficiency of educational institutions through useful software applications. And due to our years of experience in education as well as IT, we always provide a fitting solution.

For example, there is AscMe, a smart application that simplifies building the curriculum for everyone. Moreover, with the Studymonitor students can build and follow their own curriculum. Programs and courses can be perfectly presented to students and staff with the CourseCatalogue. Curious about feedback? Then DiCE will help you to set up course evaluations.

Our products can be seamlessly integrated with each other and many other applications, because Vorsen understands the complexity of the educational landscape like no other. With tailored training, support and implementations, we work with the educational institution to set up IT so that they are equipped for the future today. That’s the Vorsen Guarantee.

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