CourseCatalogue: insight into your course

Simple: how it should be

  • Publish courses and programs with one button press
  • Publishing study texts was never so easy
  • Integrate courses and programs of other institutions in the same catalogue
  • Clearly show the structure of a program
  • Integrate with any source of study information
  • There is a seamless integration with AscMe
  • The CourseCatalogue is easy to configure

The basic registration in order? Then you also want to cleverly present the most accurate program, structure, choice options, modules and descriptions to students. For both laptop and mobile: searchable in easy and relevant ways. 

With the Vorsen CourseCatalogue you can put the complete educational offer of your institution in the spotlight. This is useful for students who want to put together their education and the still-orientating-almost students! With the Vorsen Course Catalogue everyone can easily find their way. 

In addition, the CourseCatalogue is also valuable for employees. Tutors, teachers and support staff can find all relevant information about the program, structure, choices, requirements and module details at a glance.

The extensive search and filter options allow you direct access to the correct and latest information and support your students.

Cross-institutional Catalogue

Due to the flexibilization of education and the exchange of education between institutions , it is sometimes difficult for students to look at what they can study in several places. Our Course Catalogue bundles the offer of your institution together with partner institutions, so that students can really find everything in one place!

Look & Feel

Course catalogue information must be correct. If the texts are collected through a well-organized process (by, for example, using AscMe), this is guaranteed. Of course, it also has to look good. You can easily give the CourseCatalogue the look and feel of your institution.

Search and filter

Searching for courses and courses is very easy by means of (advanced) search and handy filter options. The result is that your students and employees can find everything quickly and without problems.

Ready for mobile use

All screens are completely optimized for mobile use, because evenings on the couch or on the train are excellent times to take a look at how that subject works.

CourseCatalogue product images

Handy study overview
Everything you need to know as a student about your study, clearly laid out in one place.
Program structures
View the structure of programmes using one of the many period and display options.
Tweak it to your liking
Provide data and info on student satisfaction, job opportunities or something completely different. It’s up to you.
Find studies and courses easily
By means of (advanced) search and handy filter options you immediately find what you're looking for.
User-friendly experience
Course and program summaries allow you to more easily access the most relevant information.
Clear course pages
Content of the course, education and testing methods, deadlines, involved teachers; make the catalogue entirely to your liking.
Navigate further & Discover more
Navigate to related studies and courses, or to the corresponding pages on applications like BlackBoard or Osiris.
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The complete picture.

Vorsen increases the effectiveness, agility, and efficiency of educational institutions through useful software applications. And due to our years of experience in education as well as IT, we always provide a fitting solution.

For example, there is AscMe, a smart application that simplifies building the curriculum for everyone. Moreover, with the Studymonitor students can build and follow their own curriculum. Programs and courses can be perfectly presented to students and staff with the CourseCatalogue. Curious about feedback? Then DiCE will help you to set up course evaluations.

Our products can be seamlessly integrated with each other and many other applications, because Vorsen understands the complexity of the educational landscape like no other. With tailored training, support and implementations, we work with the educational institution to set up IT so that they are equipped for the future today. That’s the Vorsen Guarantee.

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