DiCE: the smart digital evaluation tool

What does DiCE offer?

  • A standard questionnaire, but with maximum flexibility per tutor
  • A workflow that offers everyone the right action at the right time
  • A clear overview of the progress and the response to the evaluations
  • It increases involvement; from course coordinator to student
  • Reports directly available digitally and configurable per role 
  • A handy notification system that informs users

The main requirement for improving any organization is collecting feedback in a good way. Also for you as an educational institution. It is essential to have insight into what works, what should be improved and what is going on in the minds of employees and students. Exactly what we support you in with DiCE: a smart digital tool that helps to retrieve course evaluations and provides insight into processes. So that you get tools to make improvements at every point. Which enables you to implement changes in all areas. And that ultimately results in better education.

Our DiCE tool ensures that everyone is involved and feels seen from start to finish. The student notices that he or she is being listened to. The teacher can set to work on further improving current education. The Education and Examination Board receives clear reports for internal quality assurance. And education management can focus on education quality and use the information for personnel policy. This is how DiCE helps everyone.

Flexible process support

We’ve identified 4 steps in the process and offer support with each step.  

1.  Gather information
2. Evaluation set up and execution
3. Gather and enrich results
4. Reporting and analysis

Evaluation Coordinator

The coordinator is responsible for the evaluation process of your institution. This coordinator is optimally supported by DiCE in carrying out the evaluation process as effectively and efficiently as possible. The basic course information is delivered automatically, including tutors and registrations. This is the starting point for the process for DiCE.

Active involvement of the tutor

The tutor is responsible for evaluations of his own courses and is optimally supported by DiCE. User-friendliness and simplicity are central to the tutor’s support, so that they can focus optimally on the primary tasks.

Involve and motivate students

As far as the student is concerned, it is especially important to optimize their involvement and ensure the highest possible response rate. DiCE has built in numerous smart digital support options that make this possible.


The administrator is responsible and can DiCE configure himself. From defining the roles and allowed functions to reporting and the general behavior of DiCE. Of course, there are many built-in functions that support the administrator in this process: from notifications to useful evaluation templates. Naturally we are here to help and can introduce you to our partners that specialize in functional administration.

DiCE product images

Realtime dashboard
See at a glance how your organization's educational evaluations are doing.
Course evaluations
Monitor the status of course evaluations with convenient workflows.
Our applications are flexible and configurable down to the very last detail.
Steven Losekoot
Senior Projectmanager

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The complete picture.

Vorsen increases the effectiveness, agility, and efficiency of educational institutions through useful software applications. And due to our years of experience in education as well as IT, we always provide a fitting solution.

For example, there is AscMe, a smart application that simplifies building the curriculum for everyone. Moreover, with the Studymonitor students can build and follow their own curriculum. Programs and courses can be perfectly presented to students and staff with the CourseCatalogue. Curious about feedback? Then DiCE will help you to set up course evaluations.

Our products can be seamlessly integrated with each other and many other applications, because Vorsen understands the complexity of the educational landscape like no other. With tailored training, support and implementations, we work with the educational institution to set up IT so that they are equipped for the future today. That’s the Vorsen Guarantee.

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