Vorsen Quick Start: a successful implementation in a planable timeframe

A Quick Start with all Vorsen products:

  • Most of the basic processes are available in the application as blueprints (templates). This speeds up the throughput time of an implementation.
  • Vorsen provides an implementation manager as a fixed point of contact during implementation. Vorsen also deploys various experts in sub-areas to bring speed and knowledge to the table.
  • Vorsen has an iterative working method which can be fitted into any project approach.

With experience and feeling for higher education, Vorsen has established an iterative approach based on the agile philosophy. With this framework your institution can efficiently set up the various parts of an application.

In this way we tackle an implementation together step by step, taking care to ensure that it is properly set up.



Together with key stakeholders, we look at what fits in with your organisation’s working methods, based on best practice templates. And where the difference might be.


We set up the Vorsen application in such a way that the stakeholders can test whether the process they want to support is covered in this way.


This configuration is used to test the design and the process within your institution in order to obtain final feedback. Not only whether the process has been set up properly, but also whether it is pleasant to work with.

Go Live

In a short space of time, a process has been set up in which cooperation is central, with a uniform and defined data model as a derivative.

Salwa Ghazzi
Customer Success Manager

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