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  • The youngest (and most modern!) university in the Netherlands.
  • A varied range of training courses: functional management courses, key-user training courses and end-user workshops. 
  • The training courses are interactive, logically structured and tailored to the wishes of the customer.
  • As icing on the cake we offer tailored services around customer support during a go-live.
The application is about to go live! Oh, wait... Shouldn't we have trained our users? Fortunately, now there is Vorsen University!

Annick Wagemans – Product Executive Vorsen University

Trained users before the Go-Live!
While Vorsen is implementing and setting up the application as desired, future users can already be trained in our University environment. In this way, users are immediately ready to manage their own curriculum as soon as their own application is live and set up!

Did you know..
Vorsen University was born in the infamous corona pandemic, so it is now completely online and location-independent. Of course, Vorsen University uses AscMe to manage its curriculum!

Collaboration with Omix
Vorsen University is a collaboration with Omix. Omix has many years of experience with various challenges within education logistics, which ensures that the consultants can make the right translation between the product and the customer’s needs. We are very glad that Omix can now also use its expertise around training and customer support for our products.

In this way, our customers (read: the end users of our products) get the chance to get the best possible preparation, even before they start using the application themselves. The Omix consultants have been trained by our own product experts and are now experienced enough to take on implementation and training work for Vorsen.

Our most popular training courses

End User Training

In somewhat larger groups, we offer end users training in a very specific area of the application: the dashboard and the tasks that appear on it. This is different for each institution. If all goes well, by this time we will have worked with the institution to figure out what is going to be required of the end user and now it is time to tell all the users what we have figured out.

Functional Management Training

Through this (one-on-one) training we teach the functional management of your institution how to manage the entire application (front-end and back-end). By the end of the training functional management will be able to manage its own processes, help key users and form a healthy bridge between the application and Vorsen.

Go-Live Support

Users can get to a good level of knowledge in our Vorsen University environment. But not all universities are exactly alike! In fact, there can be a world of difference between the way two institutions set up our application. Likewise, your institution may look slightly different. The processes we set up will be institution-specific.

This is why, in addition to our general application training, we also provide support during a Go-Live. This is recommended for several reasons. The users see the process they recognize, work with their own training data, have their own account, and the application will have the look and feel of the institution. In other words: through this joint Go-Live users can get to work “for real”, while our product experts are on standby to help immediately if there are questions!

Key User Training

Key users are often an important link in ongoing processes. They guard the healthy relationship between the end users and the application. In addition, they often play an important role for the faculty and/or program. Logically, Key Users should know a bit more about the application in order for them to be able to do their job well.

The Key User Training is focused on the specific role that these users have within the institution and ensures that by the end of the training they have sufficient knowledge to be able to work independently within this role.

Annick Wagemans
Annick Wagemans

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The complete picture.

Vorsen increases the effectiveness, agility, and efficiency of educational institutions through useful software applications. And due to our years of experience in education as well as IT, we always provide a fitting solution.

For example, there is AscMe, a smart application that simplifies building the curriculum for everyone. Moreover, with the Studymonitor students can build and follow their own curriculum. Programs and courses can be perfectly presented to students and staff with the CourseCatalogue. Curious about feedback? Then DiCE will help you to set up course evaluations.

Our products can be seamlessly integrated with each other and many other applications, because Vorsen understands the complexity of the educational landscape like no other. With tailored training, support and implementations, we work with the educational institution to set up IT so that they are equipped for the future today. That’s the Vorsen Guarantee.

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